Buying An Essay Online: Pros and Cons

Essay writing is one of the most popular assignments a student can get regardless of academic level. Writing a couple of essays per semester is easy. Yet, when those papers stack up in a tower, then it leads to problems up to depression and constant anxiety. 

Students who suffer from overworking start trying different time-management techniques. Unfortunately, a time-management plan requires time too. And it doesn’t give any guarantees that it will be effective enough. So, at some point, students consider using a high-quality custom assignment writing service. But is it worth it? Moreover, is it efficient enough to use an online one? The answer is somewhat complex. So, we’ll take a look at all the benefits you may get and all the drawbacks you may encounter while using a custom essay writing service.

What Is Custom Writing? 

Before getting to the actual contrasting gains and losses, we have to define academic custom writing. It’s more significant than it may seem as every student has to know what to anticipate. 

Custom writing means a whole complex of processes. It refers to: 

  • process of writing according to the demands set by a client (a student in this case); 
  • creating 100% unique texts grounded on the client’s idea or thesis; 
  • elucidating the client’s topic fully or proposing a topic if there is that requirement; 
  • writing eloquent, well-structured, and profound texts without mistakes or typos; 
  • formatting the text for the client;
  • writing a bibliography and doing citations according to the academic standards;
  • sometimes extra editing the text if there is a request by a client. 

By the way, the list describes only the best custom essay writing services that provide all-around help. And if you think that such a thing won’t be affordable for you, don’t give up hope. Many of the trusted companies that provide the essay writing service do their thing cheaply. 

Positives Of a Good Custom Essay Writing Service

There are many benefits students can get if they decide to find a writer for hire. For instance:

High-quality research for you 

Pro writers who become employees of such websites often have more than one degree multiplied with real experience. Researching is what they do every day and they know how to do it fast with superior effectiveness. Also, they know what to refer to as they have read tons of literature for their specialization. 

All-around Essay Writing Assistance 

An essay writing service won’t do essays only. This designation is like this because essays are the most popular things that students order. But services of such platforms always offer: 

  • term paper assistance;
  • coursework assistance; 
  • problem-solving in any subject;
  • dissertation help (also, they can write separate parts); 
  • homework help (again, any subjects); 
  • writing reviews on any media; 
  • preparation of reports; 
  • writing speeches and proposals of any research results; 
  • proofreading and editing of any paper; 
  • other services. 

So, it’s of no importance what your professor has decided to test you with. Pro essay writer can solve any academic problem. 

Flawless English

If you choose a writer for hire, expect them to be from the UK or the USA. Remember that those are people with degrees who have proven their reliability. So, they write in English every day. And you can even enhance your vocabulary and grammar with their help. 

100% lawfulness 

Every custom assignment writing service works as an autonomous enterprise. Their services are legit without any pitfalls, and they state it by demonstrating official documents. You can easily check if this particular website is legit and be sure that you do not violate any law. 

Anonymity guaranteed 

Given that any essay writing service is an enterprise, it guarantees that its clients will stay anonymous. It works for every company. It doesn’t matter if the company provides writing help or sells esoteric instruments like tarot and other magical stuff.   

Time-management enhancement for students 

Buying essays and other papers online helps students get rid of unnecessary workload. This is especially good for those students who have to work or study extra. Thus, while employees of an essay writing service solve this problem, students can take their time for more significant things. 

An opportunity to learn from pro writers without obligations

Unfortunately, going to college doesn’t mean that a student will learn how to write. It doesn’t mean that a student will be good at researching and fact-checking. But an essay writing service can help a student learn how to write if the client wants it. There are no duties and burdens, of course. Students can leave the work to essay writers 100% still! But there is always this opportunity to enhance writing skills by supervising.

Always online 

Essay writing companies never cease functioning. They provide help 24/7 without day-offs. So, you can get your paper fast even if you ordered it at 2 AM on Sunday. 

Plausible Negatives of an Essay Writing Service

Drawbacks happen. Whenever you ask for help from a writer for hire, consider the following risks. 

Not always as cheap as it should be 

The best essay writing services are affordable. But for some students, they still might be pricey. Yet, essay writers know the financial hardships of college life as they went through it all too. If the custom essay writing service you like isn’t cheap enough, ask them for a discount. Such platforms are student-friendly, so they can make their help more affordable for you. 

Minor time delays 

If you ask for an essay online, always do it in advance. Internet connection is unstable and you can never predict a failure of the system. But also, if you ask for an essay 3 hours before the deadline, the writer will still have to create a unique paper. So they might be late for 10-15 minutes if the order is urgent and complex. 

Beware of deceivers!

Not every essay writing service is lawful! Unfortunately, many fraudsters offer unbelievably cheap writing help to then blackmail students. Of course, they won’t give you a high-quality paper. They won’t write an essay at all! So, always check for custom writing reviews on every company to ensure your safety.


Finding a writer for hire is more beneficial than harmful. Yet, you have to be careful with who you choose to help you with your academic papers. But if you manage to find a good custom essay writing service, then it will only be good for your writing skills and academic performance.

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