Admission Essay Basics and What Professors Want to See in This Paper

Writing an admission essay doesn’t differ too much from standard essays. In general, potential students know they have to showcase their character. They also (mostly intuitively) manage to demonstrate their best qualities in good wording.

Still, flawless admission essays are a rarity. It might be good enough but there is always a way to make it more noticeable. So, if you want your essay to win a place in a college for you, make everything to meet the requirements.

Potential Situations with Writing an Essay for College Admission

In brief, it is a non-compulsory application document. Educational institutions require it to get acquainted with a candidate. Another term for it is a Personal Statement or Statement of purpose.

Not all colleges and universities require it. When you apply to a college or university, you might find yourself in the following situations:

  1. Admission essays might be obligatory and have a narrow topic. Such essays serve the purpose of demonstrating your knowledge, even if it is basic. For example, when you want to become a journalist, you will have to write an essay on a topic like “One day of a media worker”. This is a rare case. Still, sometimes it happens, so prepare for such things too.
  2. Admission essay might be obligatory and be there so you can showcase yourself. In this case, you have to inform your readers (the committee) about the captivating traits of your character. Many things make you unique, so don’t be shy to write an essay about your skills, interests, and even dreams.
  3. A personal statement is optional. This is like the previous point, but it is not compulsory anymore. Still, it is advisable to work a bit extra. In college application, it’s better to take every opportunity to win a place.
  4. An educational institution does not require any document of this kind. Again, as the first point, this is a rarity.

Admission Essay Writing: Structure Basics

There is nothing novel or too complicated. Admission essay structure always consist of:

  1. A headline. Your potential professors might decide or leave this decision to you. In any case, a headline for an essay must define its content clearly.
  2. A catching introduction. Here you write a thesis. Given that you have to write an admission essay, it must carry the idea of why you want to apply.
  3. Body text. This part consists of 3-6 paragraphs. Some essays can be even 10-paragraphs long but it can’t be less than 3. Every paragraph must have at least 3 sentences. Some admission essay writing techniques might require single sentences per paragraph but the capacity still has to be adequate.
  4. A short but profound conclusion. Here you have to summarize, not retell the written things.

There is zero need to alter this eternal classical thing. Moreover, colleges need those documents standardized as they serve as proof of every candidate’s work.

What the Committee Expects from Your Admission Essay

Why college is significant for you

No professor wants students to be passive and unwilling to contribute. If they know you come here because relatives made you but your heart is against it, they won’t be happy. Vice versa, professors want to see the flame of interest, readiness for discoveries, and desire for intellectual growth.

Your decision-making process

You didn’t come to this college randomly. It has something you think will be good for you. You haven’t decided it because someone told you, is that true?
The committee wants to see that it is your decision, and you have made it after analysis. They will be happy to know it wasn’t random. And they will appreciate your choice.

The uniqueness of your character

Not all students comprehend that they contribute to science when they study. Their character traits and new vision are what keep the progress on. Your character plays a bigger role than you might see when applying. So, demonstrate what you have already developed. Your traits will be irreplaceable in studying and will bring in a fresh perspective.

Your understanding of specialization and your will to grow in this field

Even when you are on the stage of writing an application essay, you must have a vision of what you will do. You can’t become a movie operator if you haven’t seen a camera in your life. And you can’t be a mathematician without knowing how to count.

You have come here to grow personally and develop skills you have the basics of. So, write how you want to become a better specialist and how this all connects well with your interests. Do you dream big? Do not hesitate to write about it. Again, the committee will be glad to see that you have bright sparks of motivation.

Something more than just your marks

You might be bad at biology — it doesn’t mean you can’t become a famous theater actor. Your grades for literature might be average, yet you might be a young master of programming. Your grades do not demonstrate the wideness of your character. And you are much more than a row of digits or letters.

In Conclusion about Admission Essay Writing

Admission essays are your chance to write about your dreams, motivation, and plans. Your character traits are a new tide for the education and science system. The committee wants to see your personality and know you better. Thus, don’t be shy to shine!

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