3 Methods To Write An Essay When Nothing Helps

Not every student is a professional essay writer who can ace any paper. Moreover, not every essay can turn out to be a majestic template with flawless wording and structure. Given how many papers of this kind every student has to submit per semester, it becomes a burden and goes wrong. It leads to getting worse marks, and students start thinking about how they can enhance their writing. 

There are at least 3 methods that can save your paper. Some of them require extra work, and some mean getting professional help. 

Option 1: Scan The Internet For Essay Writing Ideas And Templates 

If you take time to do a little research, then you can stumble upon detailed articles that may help you. Essay writing blogs are popular, so there won’t be any trouble with finding one. Of course, using them is free.

Yet, remember that the Internet is full of everything. So, not every piece of information will be valid and practical. Clicking on a random website with advice on essay writing might not be efficient enough. Like, you’ll see standard ideas about narrowing your topic or doing extra research, but…  There won’t be something effectively applicable. 

The best option is to seek advice in a blog of an essay writer service. Such websites often offer free ideas by pro essay helpers who have years of experience in writing. They know how to make any paper better. But what’s more important, they can post templates for free. Not every essay writer service does that, yet, some companies aren’t greedy. 

The pros and cons of this method: 

+ free of charge; 

+ huge diversity; 

+ easy to find ideas; 

– not every essay writing blog will be effective; 

– takes a lot of time for research. 

Option 2: Try Free Writing 

This option will be good for those who can’t even start an essay. This small exercise can enhance your writing if you do it systematically. If you have a diary, then it won’t be a problem at all! 

The main point is to write anything for a set time. For instance, you have ten minutes. That means you start and do not cease writing about any event (figuratively) for those 10 minutes. You don’t have to be the best essay writer and create a well-structured profound story! If you want to write about your favorite TV show, then write about it. If you can continuously speak about how you adore cats, then this is a good topic for your free writing as well! And if you can only swear about how you want your studying to end as soon as possible, then why not lay it out? 

This exercise is the best for demolishing writer’s block. Moreover, the brainstorming process can give you unique ideas for your essay. But it’s better to do free writing systematically. It won’t be momentously effective if you try it when the deadline for your essay has already ended. 

Pros and cons of this option:

+ will enhance your writing with time;

+ helps to brainstorm ideas for your paper; 

+ this method is versatile; 

+ easy to do;

– you have to do it systematically; 

– no instant enhancement. 

Option 3: Try an Essay Writer Service Online 

The previous options meant doing the essay writing by yourself. This one, in turn, is about getting professional writing help. This option can free you from the burden of essay writing once and for all. But also, you can learn a lot from your essay writer. 

Of course, finding the best essay writer online is not a task you can complete in no time. You’ll have to dig into the Internet to find a good service that will help you for a reasonable price. But if you manage to find an adequate helper for hire, then your essays will become amazing even for the strictest professors. 

The thing is, a good essay writer service can do much more than just write an essay for you. Assistance from those who work there means: 

  • writing an essay from scratch no matter the topic and its complexity;
  • working with essays for any subjects;
  • researching for you;
  • writing unique essays that contain your idea or thesis;
  • solving the plagiarism problem (if there is one);
  • giving you materials for future essay writing;
  • finding the best helper that has narrow specialization (for instance, if you need a persuasive essay writer);
  • editing any text material;
  • formatting and doing citations for you;
  • writing an essay even if you have only three hours before the deadline;
  • helping you for cheap or at least making the price affordable. 

The best thing about any good essay writer service online is that there are no restrictions. You can ask for any paper, and your writer will do everything to meet your requirements. 

Another good feature is that any service of this kind has different specialists with degrees. You can ask for the help of a persuasive essay writer, or an analytical writer, or a problem solver. Those enterprises have developed large systems, so there won’t be issues with finding you a perfect fit for your assignment. 

But there is a drawback. Not every essay writer service online is legit. You have to be careful if you decide to use their help. To ensure your safety, you have to: 

  1. find feedback on the company you like; 
  2. check if they have official documents on their website; 
  3. see if they are against any form of plagiarism (including paraphrasing and other forms that are not obvious); 
  4. check if they state that they can write your paper in 3 hours (in case of emergency); 
  5. compare prices with other platforms to avoid getting milked for money. 

This option can become your lifesaver in any case of academic problems. And it’s great for time management. Briefly, pros and cons:

+ professional writing help; 

+ your papers will become perfect in a couple of clicks; 

+ saves tons of time; 

+ can help you learn how to write the best essays if you are willing to supervise; 

+ all-around writing help;

– it’s hard to find a good essay writer service, so you’ll have to research. 


Unfortunately, you’ll have to submit all the essays in any case. Gladly, there are many ways to “create” your essay if you can’t write it for some reason. Of course, there are alternative methods but the listed ones are the most popular and effective.

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