10 Effortless Steps To Choose The Best Essay Writing Service

Some Circumstances make students turn for a helping hand of pro writers to finish all the college assignments. Those assignments tend to stack up in a whole tower of unnecessary tasks. Those essays and research papers take the time that a student needs for work, important meetings, personal life, and so on. As a result, custom writing is popular among students in the USA and the UK as it helps to manage all the activities. Yet, finding a good writing company is no less of a challenge than writing the 5th overdue essay for tomorrow in a row.

To make the process of searching for the best custom writing fast, follow those easy steps. It won’t only save your time but it will also ensure your safety when you order a paper.

Step 1: Ask Yourself What Is Custom Writing for You

When you decide to hire a writer, you have to be sure that you know what to expect. Usually, students tolerate the unacceptable actions of writers. Students may ignore mistakes because they want to get rid of an assignment as soon as possible. 

What you should expect from a high-quality essay writing service is: 

  • unique text material; 
  • strictness in following your instructions; 
  • perfect time-management; 
  • loyalty programs; 
  • friendliness to you as a customer and a student; 
  • fast implementation of any project you ask for; 
  • adequacy terms of prices; 
  • full transparency in work. 

Step 2: Check What Others Say About a Custom Essay Writing Service

Reading the custom writing reviews is the first thing to do. Usually, you can find testimonials on the websites of those services. Don’t fall for those platforms that only have good comments! No writing company can be ideal. Drawbacks must happen, or that’s a fake positioning. If it’s a trustworthy custom assignment writing service, then it won’t “brush” the testimonials up. 

Step 3: Make Sure That an Essay Writing Service Is Anonymous for You 

The company should declare that it won’t let your writer even take a look at your data. They might ask you to send them a screenshot of the payment – that’s tolerable. But don’t even think about telling them your location and the college you study in. If the workers of a writing service respect you, they won’t fish for any extra piece of information. They will only ask something which relates to your assignment. 

Step 4: Compare Pricing 

Market standards allow asking for a certain amount of payment. It’s approximately $14 per page for the college academic level. It can be $16, also $12. Yet, it shouldn’t be more than $20 per page if it’s a college paper. Well, it shouldn’t be $5 either. Them being this “affordable” means only that you’ll get a piece of garbage instead of an academic paper. Moreover, companies famous for underpricing usually turn out to be notorious for blackmailing. Thus, make sure that the essay writing service you like establishes adequate prices. 

Step 5: See If the Writers Can Write Your Paper Urgently 

Any best custom writing company must provide urgent paper assistance. Usually, writers of trusted enterprises can write, check, format, and deliver a paper in 3 hours. Of course, that doesn’t work with dissertations, term papers, and coursework. If they say they can do your coursework this fast, that means they will compile it from other papers. But essays and other small assignments are doable at this time. 

Step 6: Read About Potential Money-Back Guarantee 

Approving mistakes is another feature of a high-quality writing company. So, a good team of writing helpers will understand if you want your money back in case of 100% dissatisfaction. Usually, good companies post the terms of money-back cases on their website and encourage their customers to read them. 

Step 7: See If the Company Is Against Any Form of Plagiarism 

Copy-pasting is a severe prohibition for any essay writing service. They must state that they don’t do anything like that. But that doesn’t mean they can’t use sources to back your thesis up. Of course, they will provide literature, but they have to do the citations properly. By the way, if the paper is approximately 95% unique, it doesn’t count as plagiarism. 

If you think that plagiarism is only when an author steals a whole piece from a writers’ research paper, it’s not like that. There are several forms of plagiarism. You should know that they are: 

  1. Complete plagiarism: when you take research of other people and say that you are the author; 
  2. Source-based: when references are wrong in some way;
  3. Direct: when you take a piece of work from another author and paste it in yours without citations; 
  4. Paraphrasing: it’s when you change the words but still steal the idea; 
  5. Mosaic: mixing  ideas of some author with yours; 
  6. Accidental: when any form of plagiarism is unintentional (hard to prove it was by mistake). 

This is not the whole list but these are the most popular forms of plagiarism. And don’t be shy to ask your essay helper if they know all the forms. If it’s a trustworthy custom essay writing service, its employees will be okay with such questions. 

Step 8: Test the Support System 

The support must be online in any case, even if it’s dead of night. No event should make a potential/actual customer wait longer than 5 minutes. 

Step 9: See If They Can Work with Any Topic and Subject 

The best custom essay writing service is the one that provides all-around paper assistance for cheap. Meeting this standard is not only about convenience for those who need a paper. The thing is, if they can do any assignment, that means they have a big base of professional writers from the USA and the UK. 

Step 10: Find Out If the Revisions Are Free 

Every enterprise like that must offer free revisions. When you pay for an essay or any other academic paper, you should get an exemplary text. And if it’s not as good as you expected, you should get revisions for free. And there should be no restrictions on the quantity. The only adequate restriction is the timing of the request for refinement. If you notice an issue, contact the support immediately or at least in a couple of days. 

Extra advice 

Using academic writing help is normal. No paper is more important than your mental state. When you get anxiety due to overload, such platforms can become real lifesavers. But it’s of high significance to use them in the right way and secure your data.

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